Foto de: Sol Rincón Borobia. Hecha con Hipstamatic para móvil.

-So, when do you leave?

-In a couple of weeks.

-That’s fantastic! I’m green with envy! I really need to travel…to anywhere!

-Oh dear, «il ne s’agit pas tant de voyager que de partir».


-George Sand.

Just try.

-It is impossible to summarise this press release. It is absolutely perfect. Nothing is missing, and nothing is superfluous.

-Just try your best.

-I would say no.

-Oh, come on! Look, maybe you can focus on the most important thing. It is no possible to cover every single aspect of such a broad issue.

-Just try your best.


Fachada Roc. El Muro


-Oh, no. I mean tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll think about that.

-Well, in this case I must say: climb the mountain. Yesterday, tomorrow, and always. And, don’t forget to catch air from below.

-The thing is that I’m in a hurry. Would you, please, tell me what can I do? I can’t longer wait for a answer.

From the east.

-Don’t forget your goal. When you came here, you had things clear, but now I see you and I realize that every single part of you is a chaos. When did you lost your beauty?

The wind blew from the east, against the current of the words.

-Let me do. I had a look around me and I understood that what I really want to be is a unbiased observer.